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When performing dental implants in Fuencarral, trust our experience of more than two decades. Doctor Juan Carlos Cadenas has performed numerous dental implants over the last ten years, using such advanced techniques as maxillary sinus elevation or maxillary bone regeneration. Even with little bone, our professionals can proceed to place implants with full guarantees. Our dentists in Fuencarral use the most advanced technical means and the most appropriate materials (high purity titanium) so that the implants are durable, biocompatible, comfortable and have no aesthetic impact.

In dental implants in Fuencarral we adhere strictly to the requirements of the community authorities. Our dental clinic in Fuencarral is at your disposal.

To perform dental implants in Fuencarral we are a clear reference in the sector. Ask us for more information at 91 373 06 95.

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